Oxford Sports Suspended Play Quiz

How well do you know the club?  Here we are going to find out… Prizes include new tennis balls, free individual tennis lesson and rusty rackets tokens.

Please send your answers to tennis@oxfordsportsltc.org.  You can download a question sheet from here if you wish.  Good luck to all.

1. How many courts (of varying sizes) are there at Oxford Sports?

2. When was Oxford Sports first founded?

3. How many courts are floodlit at Oxford Sports?

4. How many Oxford Sports tennis coaches can you name at the club?

5. Can you put these coaches in height order?

6. We currently have a member who was a former professional umpire, umpiring several Wimbledon finals in an illustrious career. Who is this person?
  • Steve Roberts
  • Brian Mitchell
  • Steve Winyard
  • Brian Percival-Smith

7. Who is the court sponsor who sponsors court 1 at Oxford Sports?

8. Which former Wimbledon Champion once visited Oxford Sports to declare it a centre of excellence?

9. Approximately how many tennis balls do Oxford Sports need per year (coaching & match balls included)?

10. What team play at the rugby club located next to Oxford Sports?

11. Which 2 days does the “Rusty Rackets” training session run?

12. What games console is available to use in the clubhouse?

13. What fruit can be found (rather annoyingly) in the club car park throughout the summer months?

14. SW19 is a very famous postcode, but what is the postcode of Oxford Sports LTC?

15. What target sport is played in close proximity to the tennis club on the rugby club grounds?

16. What surface did courts 1-3 previously be at the tennis club before they were hard-courts?

17. What was once controversially knocked down in the Oxford Sports car park to create more car-parking space for members?

18. How many court baselines are marked at the club – HINT: You need to include ALL court baselines?

19. Match the brand of tennis racket they use to the Coach:
  • Dave T / Ben C / Aoife M / Ed D / Melanie R / Tom W
  • Head / Babolat / Prince / Wilson / Head / Wilson

20. In what year did the community tennis programme begin at the tennis club? (our current coaching programme)?
  • 1985 / 1991 / 1999 / 2005