Slinger T-One Ball Machine

Oxford Sports LTC now has a Slinger T-One ball machine for use by members of the Club.  It is easily portable and comes with a remote control, oscillating base, telescopic ball tube pick-up, phone holder and 72 balls.  You can adjust ball speed, trajectory, frequency of ball delivery and control side-to-side oscillation.  It is great for practicing your ground strokes and volleys and can give you a real workout.











Registering to Access the ball machine

The ball machine is available for use by adult members of the club.  Children under the age of 18 may use the ball machine only under direct supervision of an adult.  The hourly rental fee can be paid via the Clubspark membership page (summer promotion price: £7.50/hour). Before use you must read and agree to the Terms & Conditions which are set out below.  The code for the lockbox will be provided after payment of the hourly rental fee.

Induction Session

Before using the ball machine for the first time you must attend a brief induction session on how to operate it safely and store it securely for re-charging.

Induction sessions can be arranged by emailing:

Please watch the instruction video and familiarise yourself with the user guide  before attending the induction session

Boooking the ball machine via Clubspark

The ball machine must be booked via the Club court booking page together with a court for the same time.  When using the ball machine please be considerate of players on adjacent courts and do not book the ball machine next to a match.

Storage and Re-charging

After use, all balls must be collected and stored in the hopper. The Ball Machine is stored in the Clubhouse and secured with a lock.  After use:

  • switch off the ball machine
  • Lock the  bag, oscillating base & ball collection tube
  • Place the key and remote in the lockbox
  • put the ball machine on charge and set the timer

Terms and Conditions of use

Drills to get you started

Here are some videos that show different ways the bag can be used on court to help you perfect your strokes and improve your game.