Sun Safety Policy

Oxford Sports LTC acknowledges the importance of sun protection and want children and staff to be protected from the harmful UV rays of the sun. We will work with everyone including children and parents to achieve this through:


All coaches will be advised about being sun sensible at the start of each spring and summer term. This policy will be published on Oxford Sports LTC website explaining what we are doing about sun protection and how everyone, including parents can help.


Covering up:  Children should wear wide-brimmed hats or sports caps that shade as much of the ears, face and neck while outdoors.

Drinking lots:  

We will make sure drinking water is available and encourage children to drink regularly during hot weather. Coaches will encourage drinking through regular drink breaks.

Creaming up:  

Sunscreen use will be encouraged at all times during coaching and camp activity.

Coaches will be provided with extra sunscreen in case children forget their own.

Parents should apply sunscreen before their child leaves for coaching or camp, with a named bottle of sunscreen in their bag so it can be reapplied during the day. We recommend using as high an SPF as possible.


Our squads and camps, are sometimes all-day and during the hottest part of the day we will ensure hats, clothing and sunscreen are all worn to help prevent sunburn.

If a child seems to be suffering from dehydration or other issues to do with the heat, the responsible coach will inform the parent or carer immediately.

This policy was developed with the help of our coaches and parents and it will be regularly reviewed.

If you have any queries about this policy, contact the Oxford Sports Welfare Officer Sarah Whatley ( or Head Coach Jamie McKinnon (