Oxford Sports Suspended Play Minis’ Challenges

This could be your turn to act the role of the coach. Here is a list of activities you could try with your younger child/children.
IMPORTANT – always adapt each exercise according to the ability of the child. Simplify and make it easier if required; add an extra bounce, stand closer, add an extra touch or throw softer.
Challenge your child if they find it too easy and set a progression. You could stand further away, throw a little harder etc.
You can download and print the challenges off from here.
1. Floor tennis – hitting the ball along the floor, rallying with each other over a short distance.
2. Foot tennis – 2 touches – one to control and one to pass.
3. Throwing and catching – use your non-dominant hand too.
4. Egg and spoon racing – the spoon is the racket and the ball is the egg.
5. Cone drills – Using markers or even baked bean cans, weaving in and out of the markers using a variety of skills (hockey style, balancing, kicking the ball, hitting up/down, passing between each cone, moving around every marker etc).
6. Rally catch – can your child hit the ball to you for catching? Can you do the same for them?
7. Popcorn – use your rackets or hands, take as many touches as you like, to pass the ball between you, but don’t let it hit the floor.
8. Reaction challenge, holding 2 balls at shoulder height with arms stretched wide, drop one ball only – try doing this with 3 bounces, then 2, 1 and finally without a bounce.
9. Ball toe-taps – how many times can you tap the ball with your feet – alternating with the ball of your foot on each foot without really moving the ball.
10.Throw and catch against a wall – try this with a bounce, then no bouncing, then one handed catching, then using one hand including your non-dominant hand.