Adult Weekly Tennis Programme

Day of WeekTimeActivityFor WhoNotes
Monday19.00 to 20.00Beginners' TennisEveryonePay and Play
Monday19.00 to 20.00Rusty RacketsEveryonePay and Play
Tuesday18.30 to 19.30Rusty RacketsEveryonePay and Play
Tuesday19.00 to 21.00Social Club NightAny MemberA social mix in
Tuesday19.30 to 20.30Rusty RacketsEveryonePay and Play
Wednesday18.00 to 19.00Cardio TennisEveryonePay and Play
Wednesday19.00 to 21.00Match PracticeAnyone interested in team tennis (A-F)Organised by Team Captains
Thursday19.00 to 21.00Social Club NightAny MemberA social mix in
Friday09.30 to 10.30Cardio TennisEveryonePay and Play
Friday11.00 to 12.00Walking TennisEveryonePay and Play
Friday12.00 to 13.00Doubles' Tips and TacticsTeam players and everyonePay and Play
Saturday09.00 to 10.00Beginners' TennisEveryonePay and Play
Saturday10.00 to 11.00Rusty RacketsEveryonePay and Play
Saturday11.00 to 12.00Rusty RacketsEveryonePay and Play
Sunday10.00 to 12.00Social Club MorningAny MemberA social mix in