Oxford Sports Junior Advanced Squads – Booking – Autumn Term

This is our Autumn term and the squads run for 13 weeks from Monday 11th September through to Sunday 17th December. We take a break during the half term, which this year will mean no coaching from Monday 23rd October through to Sunday 29th October.  Some of the squads will be going indoor after half term which will mean these squads will play at the Vale of White Horse from Monday 30th October through to Sunday 17th December.  Where the squads go indoors, there will be a time in the “Indoors Time” – please notice that the times do change for the indoors tennis.
If there is no time in the “Indoors Time” part then this means that squad will remain outdoors at Oxford Sports throughout the term. We apologise for this. We did stress to Oxfordshire County LTA that we wanted as much indoor court time as possible, but unfortunately they reduced our hours this term.
Our club squads are run by ball colour and child’s age. Select a convenient day and time that suits you and your child and click on Book Here! You will be taken to a new page where you can check the details of the squad you have chosen and you can book your child onto the squad from there.
This is our first time of using online bookings, so you will have to register you and your child’s details. You will only have to do that once though, so the next time you book a squad it should be a much easier experience.
The children’s membership runs from 1st April 2017 to 31st March 2018, so if your child is not a member as yet, we are also providing the opportunity to purchase a half year membership, please see the bottom of the page for the link to an offer for paying for a half year child member.
Finally, please remember that your child’s age has changed and so therefore probably their ball colour or yellow ball squad.  If you are unsure which squad your child has been invited to, please look at the table at the bottom of the page where you can see last terms squads mapped to this terms squads.
PLEASE NOTE: When you are booking online, please create an account for the parent / guardian first and then add the child into the account and book the course.
Advanced Min Tennis Red
DayOutdoor TimesIndoor TimesMemberNon MemberBooking
Saturday10.00 to 11.00£ 87.00£ 96.00Book Here
Advanced Min Tennis Orange
DayOutdoor TimesIndoor TimesMemberNon MemberBooking
Friday17.00 to 18.15£ 138.00£ 161.00Book Here
Saturday10.00 to 11.00£ 91.00£ 114.00Book Here
Advanced Min Tennis Green
DayOutdoor TimesIndoor TimesMemberNon MemberBooking
Friday17.00 to 18.00£ 110.00£ 133.00Book Here
Saturday11.00 to 12.00£ 110.00£ 133.00Book Here
DayOutdoor TimesIndoor TimesMemberNon MemberBooking
Monday18.00 to 19.1518.30 to 20.00£ 165.00£ 188.00Book Here
Thursday18.00 to 19.00£ 110.00£ 133.00Book Here
DayOutdoor TimesIndoor TimesMemberNon MemberBooking
Monday18.00 to 19.1518.30 to 20.00£ 165.00£ 201.00Book Here
Saturday09.00 to 10.00£ 91.00£ 127.00Book Here
DayOutdoor TimesIndoor TimesMemberNon MemberBooking
Wednesday18.00 to 19.1518.30 to 20.00£ 165.00£ 201.00Book Here
Saturday09.00 to 10.00£ 110.00£ 146.00Book Here
DayOutdoor TimesIndoor TimesMemberNon MemberBooking
Thursday17.40 to 19.10£194.00£ 230.00Book Here
DayOutdoor TimesIndoor TimesMemberNo MemberBooking
Monday17.30 to 19.00£ 194.00£ 230.00Book Here
DayOutdoor TimesIndoor TimesMemberNon MemberBooking
Wednesday17.30 to 19.0018.00 to 20.00£ 242.00£ 278.00Book Here
Fitness Squad
Tuesday19.00 to 20.00£ 75.00£ 75.00Book Here
Squad Mapping Note

Last term squads mapped to this terms squads

Summer Term SquadSummer Day and TimeAutumn Term SquadAutumn Outside Day and Time
RedMonday 16.45OrangeFriday 17.00
OrangeFriday 17.00Green / OrangeFriday 17.00
OrangeSaturday 11.00Green / OrangeSaturday 11.00
GreenThursday 16.30Yellow U12Monday 18.00
Thursday 18.00
Yellow U12Monday 17.45Yellow U13Monday 18.00
Yellow U12 /U14Saturday 9.00Yellow U13Saturday 9.00
Yellow U14Thursday 18.00Yellow U14 / U16Wednesday 18.00
Yellow U14 / U16Saturday 9.00Yellow U14 / U16Saturday 9.00
Yellow U16Monday 17.30Yellow U16 / U18Monday 17.30
Yellow U16Thursday 17.30Yellow U16Thursday 17.40
Yellow U18Wednesday 17.40Yellow U18Wednesday 17.30
Junior Half Year Membership Offer

For junior half year membership, please click here:  junior half year membership offer